A South African Freight Rail organisation has awarded a two year contract for the supply , delivery, installation and commissioning of batteries and chargers (rectifiers) for their telecommunication equipment to the Power business unit of SAAB Grintek Technologies (SGT). The organisation has embarked on a programme of replacing access multiplexers and microwave radios that have exceeded their life span. In many cases the batteries and chargers that ensure continuous service in the event of power failure were also overdue for replacement and therefore the supply and installation of this equipment was required nationally.

The rectifiers systems will be assembled at SGT's facility in Waltloo according to the customers specifications. It is based on the FlatPack 2, 2kW high efficiency rectifier module from Eltek with whom SGT has a longstanding and very successful relationship. These rectifier modules are world leaders in terms of conversion efficiency and power density. It has also proved extremely reliable in South African conditions.

The batteries are 12V, 100Ah lead crystal batteries that was specified by the organisation.

This equipment will be installed by SGT's installation teams at 283 customer identified sites that covers all the major national routes.