SGT B-BBEE status improves to Level 3 and VAS

Saab Grintek Technologies (SGT) endeavours to a leadership position in the ICT industry in terms of positive and sustainable application of the South African Government’s Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) policies. This strive for improvement is reaping rewards, as SGT has achieved a Level 3 Contributor position in terms of the ICT charter, allowing 110% recognition of the value of our customer’s procurement from SGT.

In addition to this welcoming news, SGT, is further recognized as a Value Added Supplier (VAS) in this industry and our status therefore attracts an additional 125% benefit to our customers. This translates into our customers being able to effectively claim 137.5% of the value of their procurement from SGT towards their own B-BBEE certification.

SGT’s transformation policy will strongly position the company in the industry in terms of sustainable and vigorous growth, as it adds noticeable value to our customers and our various OEM partners.